Russian Novichok nerve agents, explained

More than a month after the nerve agent incident, Yulia Skripal has finally been discharged from the hospital. Her father, and former Russian double-agent, Sergei Skripal, still remains in critical condition. On Sunday, 4 March, both were found unconscious in Salisbury, and the police discerned the incident as an attempted assassination.

According to Porton Down Lab reports, a nerve agent called Novichok had been identified to be used in the attack. Since then, Prime Minister Theresa May and other British politicians have accused the Russian government of carrying the attack, as the identified chemical was produced in their country during the Soviet era.

There have been further developments around the case, including a change in bilateral relations between the two countries. But first off, let’s have a look at what Novichok exactly nerve agents are:

Graphic: Megha Sharma
Sub-editing: Jane Bracher


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