One year before the official date of Britain’s departure from the European Union, Brexit is still a complicated issue and a subject of a wide political debate.

Many politicians have recently called for a second referendum, including the ex-Prime minister Tony Blair and a shadow cabinet minister, who was sacked by Jeremy Corbyn for that reason.

Owen Smith, the previous shadow Northern Ireland secretary, attacked Brexit and urged the Labour Party to campaign for a second EU referendum in a newspaper article.

The former Prime minister was among those who recently called for a second referendum, although he suggested the parliament to voted and decide whether or not to hold it.

Even the UKIP former leader Nigel Farage has called this year for a second referendum to prove that the British really wanted to leave the EU, as the only way to silence the remainers who doubt the clarity of the decision two years ago.  

This has encouraged Pro-EU campaigners to call for a referendum, as they backed former UKIP leader’s suggestion to ‘kill off’ the issue for a generation.

Some campaigners still think it is possible to stop Brexit/ Photo by: Mohammed Bouabdallah

Just  a week ago, Labour former foreign secretary David Miliband has urged the party to back calls for a new referendum on the final deal.

These calls from prominent politicians were recently reinforced by accusations to the Vote Leave campaign group that they cheated  by exceeding the legal amount of money permitted for campaigning.

So, what do campaign groups think about the idea of a second referendum?


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