Leave campaigners strongly oppose a second referendum. They stress that voters decided to leave the EU and that Brexit really means Brexit.

Robert Bates, senior research executive in Get Britain Out, told Prismatic that the campaign group he represents strongly opposes a second referendum. He described this idea as “not wise or at all acceptable”.

Roberts believes that if this happens it will be “very damaging” for democracy, referring to the fact that people voted to leave two years ago.

“More people voted to leave the European Union than they have ever voted for anything else in the history of the British political system.”

Roberts raised the question of trusting the political process. He questioned: “So what kind of message will that send to these people, if the elite turn around now.. say if I do a vote, we are not going to listen to it.. vote again?”

He said that his campaign group is also against a referendum on the terms of Britain’s departure from EU.

Campaign for an Independent Britain is also against the idea of a second Brexit referendum despite the last accusations of cheating to the Vote Leave campaign.

John Peteley, Operations Manager in this campaign group, said to Prismatic that they do not think there is any reason for a second referendum.

He said that he does not accept that the accusations of cheating “really have any water”.

On the other hand, John raised the question of spending money of taxpayers by the previous Prime Minister David Cameron on producing booklets.

He said: “He used all the mechanisms of the government, you know, to try and secure the results.” He also stressed that leave voters knew why they wanted to leave.


John said that Campaign for an Independent Britain is als against a referendum on the terms of departure from EU.

He said that there is “no interest in the general public”.


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