Former director of Research at Cambridge Analytica Christopher Wylie encourages for a second vote on Brexit. The allegations claimed from the data scientist’s end that Cambridge Analytica for harvesting approximately 87 million Facebook profiles as per recent figures of which 1 million were British, last month.

According to the BBC , Wylie further claimed Vote Leave of transmitting cash inappropriately through Aggregate IQ (AIQ), which he says is a subsidiary firm of Cambridge Analytica.

Is the British Political Consulting Firm, Cambridge Analytica accused of Planting fake news along with the Canadian digital and software company, Aggregate IQ.

Is Cambridge Analytica accused of Planting Fakenews?

According to Christopher Wylie, who helped build the data analytics firm’s algorithm accused it for using personal information harvested from more than 50 million Facebook profiles without permission to build a system that could target voters with personalised political advertisements based on their psychological profile.

It is further revealed that in regards to the political debate in Britain the Cambridge analytica scandal ties down the recent happenings amongst America and Britain.

 How is facebook involved in the scandal?

Facebook ‘s revelation in the Cambridge Analytica scandal through it’s notices sent to users as it had indentified as being among the 87 million people whose data had been potentially shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica confirming it’s collaboration with Facebook on it’s recent issued statement, “hundreds of data firms have utilised Facebook data in a similar fashion”.

The clear combination of both organizations in the crisis had resulted  in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently in a five hour session about the ongoing Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal.

Zuckerberg highlighted, how exactly the company got to the point where the Cambridge Analytica scandal could occur, then turns to what the company is doing to improve and prevent anything like this from ever happening again

Cambridge Analytica and the Brexit Link

According to recent claims from another Volunteer at Cambridge Analytica turned Whistleblower, Shahmir Sanni, during the Brexit referendum, a digital services firm linked to Cambridge Analytica received a £625,000 payment from a pro-Brexit campaign organisation which had been given the money by Vote Leave, potentially violating referendum spending rules.

Will the EU Referendum be rerun?

The whistleblower in the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach Christopher Wylie expressed his support to Britain in conducting a second Brexit vote on “The Andrew Marr Show,” on Sunday.

“If we can’t go back from Brexit, if this is a one time decision, we need absolute clarity that the decision made by the British people was made fairly and is compliant with the law,” He said.

“And if that means we have to go back to the British people and ask for clarification, I think the British people should have a say and make sure that what we’re doing is with the consent of people. I want a democratic mandate for Brexit,” He said.

He further claimed that there is a need for absolute clarity that the decision made by the British people should be made fairly and is compliant with the law.

Wylie has previously claimed that “cheating” by Vote Leave, the official Brexit campaign, may have swayed the 2016 Brexit poll.


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